John Doe

John "Doe" is a wanderer whose tragic tale cost him his memory.


Cryptography 3

Occult 3
Theology 1

Bargain 2
Credit Rating 0
Intimidation 1
Oral History 1
Streetwise 4

Craft 1
Locksmith 1
Outdoorsman 4

Athletics 8
Conceal 4
Disguise 4
Filch 10
Health 10
Sanity 10
Stability 10
Scuffling 10
Sense Trouble 10
Shadowing 4
Stealth 10

Pillars of Sanity

  • Greed of Humanity
  • Truth in Numbers
  • Survival of the Fittest

Sources of Stability

  • Street Cat “Franz”
  • Murphy Bowen (Bartender)
  • Spirit of Jesus (Lives in Bean Can)

John Doe woke up one morning in a Chicago alley without a clue as to how he arrived there. Worse, he couldn’t remember who he was prior to the event. Since that time he has taken to wandering the country with a bag in his hand and a question on his lips, “Do you know who I am?”

John Doe

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