Clancy McGee

Clancy McGee is an Irish cop.


This is Jason’s character. He likes whiskey and being unable to speak with an Irish accent.

Investigative Abilities

Law 4

Assess Honesty 4
Bureaucracy 1
Cop Talk 4
Credit Rating 3
Interrogation 4
Intimidation 2
Reassurance 2
Streetwise 1

Evidence Collection 2
Locksmith 2

General Abilities

Athletics 12
Driving 8
Firearms 12
Preparedness 6
Sanity 8
Stability 12
Sense Trouble 8
Shadowing 8
Weapons 5

Pillars of Sanity

  1. Religious Faith
  2. Patriotism

Sources of Stability

  1. Chief MacGillicuddy
  2. Mam (Mom)
  3. Bram Ryan (Bartender)
  4. Pastor Stevens

Clancy is the youngest of five kids whose father vanished when he was only two years old. Having to be tougher than most kids led him to take a position with the local Bloomington Police Department as soon as he could to help earn money for his Mam. He was promoted up the ranks fairly quickly, and he has been a detective longer than anyone else in Southern Indiana. He was specifically asked to look into the case of Joan and Matthew Grant due to their relationship with an Indiana University faculty member, and the faculty and students at are share a close, family-like bond (at least in these years, it’s possible).

Secrets and Quirks

Since this site makes you pay for that nonsense, his affinity for whiskey makes him an opponent to Prohibition. He isn’t likely to press charges for anything alcohol-related as long as the individual isn’t causing a problem. Oddly enough for an Irish cop, he doesn’t have much of a temper. Clancey tends to keep it cool and use a level head and manipulation rather than yell and scream to get information.

Clancy McGee

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